Diamonds are Forever

My Wedding Set on Amethyst
My Wedding Set on Amethyst

I love my wedding set.  Mostly because of the symbolism and memories associated with that magical day.  However, I also cherish it because of the strong protective powers of diamonds.  Like all crystals, diamonds possess special properties that we can access simply by programming and activating the stone.  We are told repeatedly, especially by the media and through societal norms, that diamonds are indeed very special, but why?  I never actually wanted to own diamonds until I learned the metaphysical reasons behind why diamonds are so coveted.

Historically, diamonds signify abundance, riches, and the ability to manifest.  As the size of the rock increases, so does the flow of wealth!  Diamonds also represent purity.  Their radiant light brings into focus the owner’s negative and positive attributes as the stone works as an amplifier.  These revelations can serve as a catalyst for personal growth.

Further, diamonds bring balance to one’s life.  They have the ability to assist you in cleansing negative emotional and mental issues, promoting creativity and imagination, and encouraging strength, courage, and a sense of invincibility.   On a spiritual level, diamonds can help you discover your spiritual purpose, activate the crown chakra, promote enlightenment, and connect the intellectual self to the higher self.  On a relationship level, diamonds foster clarity, solidify bonds, and communicate to the universe a couple’s commitment to each other.  It is believed that a diamond can actually enhance the love a husband feels for his wife.

The healing properties of diamonds include balancing metabolism, treating allergies, and supporting healthy vision, especially as it relates to glaucoma.  It also protects against cell phone emissions.  The stone should be worn against the skin and is effective as jewelry.  One great attribute of this crystal is that it does not require regular recharging.

(Source: The Crystal Bible)

Eye-and-eye mantra: Be the woman you want to be at all times.

Photography by Ajua Hawkins.

Copyright 2012-2014 Ajua Hawkins

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