Dream Visitation

Laurel Hill Cemetary

When I woke up this morning, I began to record everything I could recall about this creepy dream I’d just experienced.  I focused on the fact that two of my braids had fallen out and all I had left in those spots were gooey wounds that resembled the cross-section of a tree or finger prints.  After a few moments of writing, I remembered my great-grandfather Buddy “Madaddy” Moody was also in the dream along with other paternal family members.

Madaddy was decked out, looking smooth in his suit, accompanied by a lovely woman who stayed behind him so that I could not make out her identity.  Madaddy gave me a hug and told me that he was sorry that he missed it.  What he was referring to, I’m not sure but I reasoned it was probably my wedding which took place several months ago.

While speaking to my father on the telephone later in the day, I recounted the dream.  He told me that he had had a similar dream that night – same characters and setting (without the appearance of Madaddy).  I thought that was incredible.  Tonight during meditation, I am going to ask my higher self the meaning of this visitation as it is the first dream that I know of where I encountered a deceased relative.  I know that this is a positive sign!

Photography by ajualuv. 

Copyright 2012 Ajua Hawkins

2 Replies to “Dream Visitation”

    1. I wasn’t even surprised to see him because I didn’t realize he was deceased in my dream. I’d love to create a Dream Group where we discuss dreams and analyze their meaning. It’s on my to do list!

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