Mind, Body, Spirit Expo at Lincoln Financial Field

On November 3, 2012, my husband and I checked out our first Mind, Body, Spirit Expo which took place at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.  It is advertised as the largest expo of its kind (personal growth and spirituality) in the northeast.  I was excited to meet like-minded people, see weird and unusual things, and discover new products, books and information.  If you are wondering what you will encounter at such an expo, below are some highlights from our trip…

Books bought at Inner Tradtitions Bear & Co.

Half-priced books!!  Inner Traditions Bear & Company sells an amazing variety of books focusing on metaphysical topics.  Their print catalog lists categories such as Eastern and Western Religions & Philosophies, Ancient Mysteries, Indigenous Cultures & Shamanism, Visionary Plants, Sacred Sexuality & Tantra, Pagan, Self-Transformation, Healing Arts, and much more.  I bought two books – Bach Flower Therapy: Theory and Practice and Shamanic Experience: A Practical Guide to Psychic Powers.  You can find Inner Traditions Bear at innertraditions.com.

Grounds for Living Info & my crystal pouch

Need to get grounded?  The first booth we decided to investigate was Grounds for Living featuring products to assist with centering and balancing.  Two lovely ladies walked us through the importance of connecting with nature and how to operate a grounding pad for use in the home.  They explained that connecting to the bare earth at least fifteen minutes a day reduces inflammation, balances the body, and helps with a variety of health issues.  I was particularly impressed by the Empowered Crystal Bundles that grouped stones by their healing properties.  I thought this a simple yet creative idea.  You can check out Grounds for Living at http://www.grounds4living.com.

Meditating Mitsy

Looking to create a home filled with blissful vibes and beautiful energy?  Shimmering crystals, detailed deity carvings, and spiritual artwork abound at the Expo!  If you desire a goddess painting for the bedroom or a giant amethyst for the garden or Tibetan singing bowls for the meditation room, you will not be disappointed.  After leaving the Expo, my husband surprised me with a sculpture of a meditating cat which I promptly placed in our prayer room upon arriving back at home!

Portraits of Your Soul Info

Feeling some blocked energy or have a wonky chakra?  There was no shortage of healers and spiritual guides – channelers, hypnotists, psychics, various card and aura readers, massage and Reiki practitioners…  The place was packed.  I did have my chakras checked with a pendulum and cleared by a lovely woman named Eileen.  I even bought a print from her of a beautiful warrior goddess ready for the battle.  To connect with Eileen or view her on-line gallery, visit http://www.portraitsofyoursoul.com.

I definitely recommend checking out the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo if you are into that sort of thing.  Next year I’m looking forward to attending some of the interesting speaking events.

For more information on the Expo, visit www.mindbodyspiritexpo.com.

Photography by Ajua Hawkins.

Copyright 2012-2014 Ajua Hawkins

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