How I Keep Menses Sacred


For most of my life, because my menses was never regular, and honestly because I wasn’t very aware of my body, I was unable to connect some of the turmoil occurring in my life to my unnatural menstrual cycle.  It wasn’t until my husband (at the time boyfriend) began asking all sorts of questions about the female body and its processes that I gave it any serious thought.  In fact he was the one, after watching a morning news show on menstruation, who informed me that I was indeed not “crazy” but just under the influence of hormones.  Once I began getting serious about my spiritual journey and more in tune with my body, I started to research the sacredness of this natural ritual and why I should protect myself at this very vulnerable time of the month.


During menses, the woman’s body is like a sponge and she is soaking in everything around her.  It is crucial to protect oneself during this time and meditate on what is best to put in your body.  We know that in more ancient times, women would be separated from the clan during her menses.  This was not due to sexism, but was in fact, for the protection of the woman.  She would not be at the mercy of negative energy or bad intentions of those around her.  Unfortunately, in the world we live in today, most women must work or be in public during their menses.  This leaves menstruating women open for spiritual and mental attack, usually unbeknownst to the women themselves.  So in this so-called modern day and age, what can we do to keep ourselves protected during this sacred time?

Below are a few things I do to keep menses sacred:

Womb Reiki – Every morning I do a self-Reiki treatment to start my day off on the good foot!  During menses, I pay special attention to the root and sacral chakras, spending much more time on those areas than in my usual treatments.  The warmth and energy radiating from my hands creates a wonderful healing effect that I immediately feel.  Also, if I must be out in public and my womb area feels uncomfortable, I will place my hands on the area for instant relief.

 BathroomNature Showers – Ok, while I would love to be able to shower under a warm waterfall surrounded by luscious plant life and mystical rocks, this just isn’t practical in the city!  However, during menses, I take lots of warm showers in my urban oasis waterfall that I’ve decorated with Pothos plants and Aruban shells.  The bright sunshine coming through the window is the last perfect touch, creating a sacred space to cleanse and recharge!

Northern Cree

Indigenous Tribal Music – Oh yes!  This is the perfect time to play music that communicates directly with the soul and arouses the interest of your higher self.  Even she is starting to sway her hips to the beat of the drum!  Music with particular beats create a special space to access more clearly your inner wisdom by knocking at your heart’s door.  Some of my favorite albums for creating a sacred space are Planet Drum by Mickey Hart, Red Rock by Northern Cree, and Earth Songs by the Narada Collection.

Crystal Water


High Vibrational Water – I keep a mason jar filled with filtered water in the fridge with three small laser quartz crystals to raise the vibrations of the water.  (Laser quartz is a great crystal for healing, clarity, and protection.)  During menses, we want to drink the most powerful cleansing water possible.  To recharge the crystals, I simply leave the jar outside in the sunshine for a day and then refill it with water.  Yum… Water never tasted so good!

No, Absolutely NO Energy Vampires – If you know someone to be an energy vampire or you are around someone and begin to get the feeling that they are quickly sucking you dry – stay far away!  Do not give these people one second of your time during menses!  Deal with them at a later date.  Not only will they leave you wondering why you are feeling so drained, they may also be exchanging their negative energy for your positive energy.  Because you are in sponge-mode during menses, you will absorb their nasty stuff which will then emit from you throughout the month until your next menses.  Be aware and discerning of the people you are around during this sacred time, which leads me to my next point…

 ProtectionProtect Yourself! – If you must go outside of your home, your oasis, make sure to perform whatever ritual works best for you before leaving.  I personally do the following: First, I light a Palo Santo incense stick and slowly move the smoking stick three times around my head and then down the middle of my body (I also do this at the end of the day to cleanse myself of negative energy, emotions, and spirit attachments).  Second, I envision myself being wrapped in thick, pink gauze (color of love), then being coated with a red rubber like material flowing from above (color of protection), and then silver plates attaching all over my body until I am completely covered (color of deflection).  Now I am ready to go out into the world during menses!

 ExerciseEat Vegetarian & Exercise – I’m not a gym kind of person but I do love getting out in nature for a good walk which is perfect for grounding and fresh air.  To mix things up, I pick up workout DVD’s from my local library.  This week it’s Brazilian dance.  Lack of funds is no reason not to exercise.  This is a quick way to rid yourself of cramps and lift your mood!  Also, make sure to eat well.  What you put in is what will come out, so take time to make sure that your fridge is stocked with lots of fruits and veggies during this time.  I like to keep my electricity flowing with yummy green juice.  You can find my recipe here: Quick and Easy Green Juice.

MeditationConnect with the Divine:  
Everyone connects in their own way to the Creator, Divine Source of All.  This is the time to stay connected as much as possible.  I like to meditate or listen to soulful music to connect, but do whatever is natural and comfortable for you, be that prayer, chanting, or reading holy scripture.

I hope some of these tips help you to come up with your own rituals to keep you protected and your menses sacred.  As you practice your menses ritual, you will begin to see a positive change in how you feel both during and after menses.  It will also help you in general to take better care of your whole self – mind, body, spirit – better!

To learn more about why it is essential to keep menses sacred and the importance of the womb chakra, please read Sacred Menses.

Tip: Love yourself!  Look for organic and chlorine-free tampons and pads such as those made by Seventh Generation.

Eye-and-Eye mantra: Be the woman you want to be at all times!


All photography by ajualuv.

Copyright 2012 Ajua Hawkins

2 Replies to “How I Keep Menses Sacred”

  1. Another lovely post, Ajua!
    I can relate to this post very well and have my own ways of being more in tune with my body during my cycle. This post is very timely for me as I had a moment this month were I was asking my body “what’s going on?!” but I already knew what it was telling me. 🙂 Thanks for a wonderful post and I look forward to trying some of your suggestions!

    1. I’m not surprised! You are so intuitive. Glad to throw out some ideas. I think us women need to support each other around these issues. Because a lot of the times we think we are the only ones going through a thing and that’s just not the case. Sending you lots and lots of love.

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