Thank you APEDF!

ajualuv presents "Holistic Health & Intro to Reiki".
“Holistic Health & Intro to Reiki” presenation.

Thank you African People’s Education and Defense Fund and Uhuru Furniture for launching the Health in Our Hands Series and allowing me to present the ajualuv workshop, “Holistic Health & Intro to Reiki”.  I appreciate your sincere efforts at creating a more healthy environment for African people.

Eye-and-eye mantra: Be the woman you want to be at all times!

Photography by Uhuru Furniture staff.

Copyright 2013-2014 Ajua Hawkins

7 Replies to “Thank you APEDF!”

  1. Thank you for educating us on the many ways we can try to live healthier lifestyles, for ourselves, for our loves ones, and for our communities. Looking forward to your next workshop!

    1. Thank you King! I luv spreading knowledge which I believe should be free! It was so wonderful to share with everyone and I hope that I was able to spark some inspiration. Namaste.

      1. You’re a very beautiful woman. And you have a lovely blog! I wish you nothing but success in everything you do. It’s great to see beautiful sistas like you doing positive things. Love and light my queen. 🙂

      2. Oh wow, gratitude to you King! It is an honor to share with you and all other like-minded souls. Together we are living boldly in our own dimension, on our own wave length. So wonderful to meet you Prince, and looking forward to following your blog! Namaste.

      3. Thank you my queen. I consider it a honor to have a woman such as yourself following my blog. It’s a huge compliment. I will be following you as well. I look forward to your future posts.
        One people,one goal,one destiny. 🙂

  2. Oh my, you are gorgeous! Really wish I could have come to this event. Hopefully another one in the future. P.S. I want to get that mantra tattooed on the palm of my hand or something…it helps me so much you just don’t know….!!!

    1. Namaste Queen! Me too! Yes, I have considered getting it tattooed as well. This mantra reminds me of who I am, and pulls me back to myself. The programming is deep, but we like-minded souls can rise together and beyond the low vibrations that are constantly trying to bring us down. Let’s keep walking toward our inner truth. All love for you!

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