Sacred Geometry

The Ascension Process
The Ascension Process

On March 10, 2013, I traveled a few hours to Clinton, NJ for my first Sacred Geometry class.  I was very excited to say the least… and that excitement only grew once the class commenced!

I wanted to share with you something that I learned in that class but first things first: What is sacred geometry?  According to the magical and delightful Brigitte Boyea of Light Bridge Inc., Center for Transformation, “Sacred Geometry is the primordial language of God/Creator/Source/All That Is.  It is at the core of all existence with each geometric form differing in vibration, purpose, and message.”

Now, the diagram above is a pictorial description of Ascension.   I thought this was brilliant.  So, the Triangle is a symbol of Ascension (and also of Spirit and the Fire Element).  At the bottom left corner we start off with Knowledge.  With Knowledge and through Experience, we come to Understanding at the bottom right corner of the Triangle.  Once we have Understanding, through Sharing what we Understand we begin to attain Wisdom at the peak of the Triangle.  Now this is the tricky part.  To move up a level in Consciousness, we must detach from what we Know through a process Boyea described as emptying out our cup, so that we can attain new Knowledge and new perspective.  Each time we go through this cycle, we move up and Ascend.

I’ll illustrate with a hypothetical example.  Let’s say that you believe in only the physical realm and you study everything about this realm.  Through your Experience of this realm you gain a deep Understanding of all the inner workings of the physical realm and then begin to share this Understanding with your friends and family.  As you share your Understanding, you attain Wisdom and insight like never before, like you could never have had with Knowledge only.  However, one day, you are walking along and right before your eyes you are able to be inter-dimensionally – say you see an angel appear before you.  No longer are you able to believe in only the physical realm.  So you empty out your cup of what you thought you knew, and begin again with Knowledge.  The decision to let go of and detach from old ways of thinking allows you to ascend.  And you will continue to ascend as long as you continue to go through cycles of Knowledge -> Understanding ->Wisdom.

I thought this model was divine and I’ll add to it that there will always be things in the old ways that we take into the new.  We never disregard all of it.  We take with us those things that continue to resonate at a deep, core level within our being and leave that behind which no longer continues to serve us. Some food for thought!

Eye-and-eye mantra: Be the woman you want to be at all times!

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4 Replies to “Sacred Geometry”

  1. Nice post sis. I’ve been studying sacred geometry for about ten years. I have information on numerology on my blog. I find it a very fascinating subject. Good to see you do as well. Sacred geometry has fascinated scientists thus generating a lot of research and studies. Geometrical structures are found around the world, in nature, the galaxies and many structures.The I-Ching hexes correspond to the 64-codon structure of human DNA in
    a more precise way than the spiral
    as earlier studies show.This ancient knowledge is now part of 20th century scientific studies- modern science.
    The mystery of the great pyramids of Giza has stirred a lot of interest, scientific curiosity
    and archeological surveys. Engineers, mathematicians, geometricians have not really
    come up with the answer as to how this magnificent structure was built to stand the test of time given the limited tools that was used at that time. One thing is very evident- the work and design is of such precision that even with today’s sophisticated technologies, has not been duplicated. I get the feeling they don’t want to admit that ancient Africans built it. They can’t duplicate it so they say aliens may have done

    1. Good Day King! Thank you for dropping so much wonderful knowledge on my blog! I’ve been interested in Sacred Geometry before I even knew what it was called. Forever drawing spirals on all of my class notebooks and geometry was the only math that I really got in to, especially when we were given assignments to draw M.C. Escher-ish designs. Then my brother put me on to the film, Pi, which is an interesting one with the relation of math and nature as its theme. I’ve also always been very interested in symbols and learning their meanings. I love deciphering the true meanings behind adverts, movies and tv shows. I’ve always had these things deep within me and sometimes wish that I’d been studying them more than what they’ve focused on in institutional learning. But then again, I am thankful for all of my experiences that have made me into what I am now. So today I make the choice to learn about all of those things that I felt I could not or did not know about as a child. And this definitely includes researching and taking classes on Sacred Geometry, symbols, ancient history, and so on. I’ve always been a vivid dreamer and know that there is so, so much more than what we see with only our eyes and what they’ve told us. It’s a lonely road at times when everyone around you is focused on other things that I find mundane. And don’t get me started on the religions. Sometimes I feel that they are the main obstruction, keeping us uneducated about our true selves and instilling fear about things we created. True religion should increase knowledge of one’s self and brainwash and program. It’s taken a lot of steps to get to a place where I feel comfortable bringing up ideas most people find blasphemous or can’t see why it’s important. I’ve always been in love with nature from childhood. I’ve always been extremely sensitive to all things. Sacred Geometry helps me to put into words things that I’ve always seen and understood to be true from my own experience of life. What kind of wonderfully magical world would we live in if we taught our children Sacred Geometry and encouraged them to use their imagination to create instead of letting Disney hijack and “capture” it! We don’t even see how corporations use Sacred Geometry in their ad designs, logos, taglines, etc. Every day I see the pyramid used in graphic design for companies. When will we begin to use our creations for ourselves instead of watching it benefit others? So I for one will continue to study and apply these things to my life – personal and business. Thank you so much for sharing your words with me and my followers. You are my blog angel! Sending you love as always.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I totally agree with you. Religion can be a positive or a negative. It depends on how it’s used. But it can be used easily to control people and their mindset. It’s always a pleasure to visit your blog. You always have positive and uplifting posts.
        Blog angel?? Me? I consider it a honor. Coming from you that is high praise.

  2. A little geometry 101.Sacred Geometry is the mathematics of creation. The Goddesses Equation= what is known as the Fibonacci sequence is as follows: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,… where each term after the second one is the sum of the two preceding terms. The ratio of each term to the previous one gradually converges to a limit of approximately 1.1218, whis is called the golden mean.
    By visualizing this progression the initiate can indeed set the “wheels” in Motion. Your higher self at one end of the spiral, your physical being at the other. These vortexes are generated by what is called cosmic triggers. Triggers are “switched” on by gazing at geometric objects that the initiate finds him/herself having a strong affinity for. A good way to trigger a vortex is by placing the said object under your pillow at night.
    From the Golden mean we can create the pentagram and/or pentagon which symbolizes a qualified stage of life. Note, the pentagram is often associated with satan, however in ritual magick it is used to hold inbalance energy in check.
    The Pentagram, symbolic of the four elements: air, water, earth, fire and spirit, plus a 5th… I’ll let you figure it out lol. The 5 points being the sum of the 2nd and 5th element. Also symbolic of the union of masculine and feminine.
    The circle around the pentagram representing and overlapping arm showing how each part being interconnected with the others. The circle representing unity, self and wholeness.
    A pentagram with two points facing down represents the Goddess, while a pentagram with two points facing up representing God. Also known in greek mythology as Pan.
    The division of the circle into two equal size circles, with the centers of their respective circumferences touching each other, creates what is knows as the vesica piscis, or the symbol of creation. It is from within the Goddess that sacred geometry is born.From this Vesica Piscis, very simple polygons are created, the equilateral triangle. The two triangles contained in the “womb” are themselves symbolic of the world above and the world below, the macrocosm and microcosm, similarly the left circle representing spirit and the right circle representing matter.

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