4 Replies to “Sun Dei Church No. 38”

  1. Land ownership is against what the Most High would have us do. We were given this Earth to look after and to be humans. It’s when subjects see things as more important than people is when land ownership became the order of the day. Let’s no confuse this with tribal territories, that’s not land ownership, but simply inheritance and is meant to be more than just my land, but a livelihood for a people.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, I too think that we are to take care of the earth not exploit it. It’s unfortunate that not all humans are seen equally – as worthy of love, care, food, shelter and opportunities for mental, physical and spiritual growth. Looking forward to the day when the playing field is leveled and all are given the same opportunities to live the lives they feel compelled to in their hearts. Sending love and light my brother.

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