8 Replies to “What’s my race? Human!”

  1. I think these type of forms should have EVERY possible option listed and you should be able to check all that apply. In some situations it is important to collect this data. But to be excluded as an option is annoying. Mixed race just entered the census as an option in 2000.

    1. Thanks for that perspective. Yes, I definitely empathize with that view – never seeing an option for yourself because that is how I feel. “Black” and “white” are not “races,” they are colors and last I checked only albinos were close to being “white” and I see very few people here in America who are the color “black.” These categories are non-existent and don’t make any sense. In physical anthropology we learn that in every race all the variations of phenotype can be found. Dividing people along racial lines creates division, separation and classism. Every so called “race” can be found in my bloodline and as has been recently reported, by 2050 the majority of people in America will be classified as “mixed race” although by its definition, most people probably already are. Americans would be shocked by DNA test proving that they are not what they seem as shown on a UK documentary on DNA testing whereby the “blacks” tested discovered things about themselves that blew their minds. Yes, cultural preservation is a beautiful thing but the term “race,” based predominantly on skin color, has to do with the race for global resources and I hope that one day that term dies off. But to your point, if they are going to have it on forms, I’d at least like to be presented with the option of “human” since none of the options resonate with me.

  2. Well we haven’t gotten out of wanting to categorize people. It does reinforce an us versus them mindset that is getting us nowhere.

    1. Hey there beloved. Thank you for visiting me! Yes, I feel like lables are something like a security blanket. I like to define myself by my own standards. As soon as someone mentions a lable, so much baggage comes along with it. I love the idea of being free from all of that. Love to you!

  3. Your response to this question “human” is the most accurate response as the term “race” was coined and used in a biological sense to classify species. So in essence to ask what someone’s race is not only makes no sense, but specifically one is asking “what is your species?” That said, I too am human, not black, not white, what have you? As for ethnicity, I’m multi-ethnic (from two or more ethnic backgrounds and spiritually, I am a child of and made in the image of the Creator which is how I prefer to identify and how I try to see people.

    1. Beautiful response. Thank you for the history lesson. It helps to understand why the race question always seemed so strange to me. Yes, I am multi-ethnic and love the diversity of people. It’s one of the main reasons that I love traveling abroad so much – experiencing different cultures and viewing the world from different vantage points. Our differences make life so interesting but our similarities are so important in bringing us all together and loving one another. Please enjoy the winter season and sending you so much love!

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