Overcoming Generational Pathologies

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When we see a pattern of negative behavior play out through the generations, we may say that there exists a “generational curse”. Mental illness, addiction, zealotry, poverty, suicide, low self-esteem… Is it Karma or Destiny? Can anything be done to cure the “curse”? Watching the repetition of generational pathologies can be upsetting, depressing, and fill one with a sense of deep hopelessness.  How can we overcome?

There are two ways in which we witness pathologies being played out in our families – either through our own actions or through those of our family members.  In this article I discuss the former.

There sometimes comes a time when we take an honest look at ourselves and discover that we are on the fast-track to becoming our [insert family member here].  It can be a shock to notice that a relative’s attributes that you once, and may currently, held/hold in disdain, you too possess.  It is an unsettling realization.  One could chock it up to fate and lament that “this is just the way I am” – there is nothing to be done concerning destiny.  Or one could take a proactive approach.  I suggest the following empowering steps to overcoming “generational curses”:

  • Recognize the power that you wield over your life. We are not puppets being strung along by a bearded old man in the sky. Affirm that you are responsible for your life and its outcomes.
  • Be honest with yourself about all of your nasty habits and ways of being that you hide, rationalize, feel guilty about, and are ashamed of.  Take the time to do a personality assessment and sit with the not-so-great feeling that you have succumbed to things that you would like to change about your personality.
  • Put an action plan into place. Decide on and stick to a practice that helps you to head on confront your “demons”.  Affirmations, meditations, counseling, group meetings, or a commitment to living a healthy life-style are all ways to begin taking control of your life. You are responsible for your well-being.
  • Stand firm in the truth that you are not your mother, father, uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother, great-grandfather, etc. State loudly and boldly that the buck stops here and you will not be a slave to the past which is dead. You are a new creature with a re-newed mind. Heck, re-new your mind each day if necessary.
  • Some believe that a deceased relative’s spirit may try to hold on to the physical realm through a living relative because of the fear of moving on to the next dimension. This can be dealt with through prayer, setting intention, cutting cords, and letting the spirit-relative know that it is safe to move on.  Do not let familial entities attach to your energetic field, siphoning off what you need to be vibrant and productive. Get professional help if necessary, to rid your body of these unseen energy vampires.

You are not the past. Be present and live in the now.  Have complete faith that you are healing. Claim it and move forward. Life is precious. Don’t lose another minute of this grand gift of life that has been given to us by a most benevolent Universe.

Eye-and-eye mantra: Be the woman you want to be at all times!

Photography by Ajua Hawkins.

Copyright 2013-2014 Ajua Hawkins

4 Replies to “Overcoming Generational Pathologies”

    1. My brother, trust me that I do understand. Everyday is a lesson in unlearning detrimental habits and implementing those that are empowering. It is not an easy road at times, but it does come down to choice and I choose to change the pattern.

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    1. Wow, thank you so much for the lovely comment. This is a free template from WordPress. The theme is Misty Lake. You can do a bit with the widgets, color, and background to kind of make it your own. Maybe one day I will customize but for now this works well. Good luck with your site and thanks for stopping by!

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