Physical Manifestations of Awakening

blog ascension 3.10.14Many optimistic, spiritually minded people believe that a great change is taking place across the earth.  This change is being hailed as a spiritual awakening or shift in consciousness that will eventually lead to a more peaceful and loving energy on the planet.  Individuals who undergo the ascension process will act to usher in this vibrational change.  One interesting topic that I have seen associated with this theorized awakening, is the idea of “ascension symptoms.”

Ascension symptoms are signs that one is indeed going through the ascension process.  The purpose of the ascension process is to heal from past traumas (from this life time and generationally) and to come to the realization of one’s true nature as a spiritual being.  I believe that as we lose the negative baggage of the past, old-stale-blocked energy is released causing outward physical manifestations.

While giving myself Reiki treatments, I often experience physical releases from a relaxed state.  This morning while positioning my hands over the heart chakra, it was like a thread was being pulled, releasing tension and an uncoiling sound.  When we are free to be our true selves, we relax and release, shifting energy that at times cause a physical effect.  Below are some symptoms I have or am currently experiencing that I believe may be related to the ascension process.

  1. Vivid Dreams/Dream Visitations – There are times after waking up that I am certain that I have visited other realms and conversed with non-human entities.  For example, during the dream state while standing in a room, I began running and then dove out of a window and down deep into a body of water where I was able to communicate, to my disbelief, with entities who resembled humans.  I was amazed at how easy it was for me to breathe and how magical and vivid the dream seemed.  It was an amazing, other-worldly experience.  I also have had rebirthing dreams involving water baptisms and nakedness as well as a visitation dream from a deceased family member.
  2. Pressure in the Crown Chakra – During meditation there are times where the energy becomes so intense that I feel pain above the third eye.  To relieve this stress I either stomp my feet (if I’m somewhere where I can) or envision roots growing from my feet into the earth so that I can disperse the energy down into my body.  If I have my eyes closed, opening them immediately releases the energy.
  3. Releasing from the Heart Chakra – When I need to feel warmth, love or balance, I have the ability to release energy from the heart chakra which will then usually travel up into the crown if I am not grounded.  This sensation is extremely pleasurable.  My birthmark is over my heart and I believe that I was born with my heart chakra open.  For most of my life I had no idea where that warm, cozy feeling came from or how to control it.  Practicing controlling this energy flow has led to me being able to access it whenever I need it.
  4. Exhaustion – Even though I eat and rest well, I experience long bouts of exhaustion.  My King will tell you that one of my most common phrases is, I’m sleepy.  I believe that my body needs to rest as it releases toxins picked up in this life and those brought over from previous lives and familial coding.  Our bodies best self-repair while we sleep.  And just as a surgeon put us to sleep to cut out dis-ease, so does the higher-self.  As we sleep, we heal.
  5. Diet and Sleeping Patterns – There are times I don’t want to eat or eat very little.  I believe that this is related to the cleansing of our physical bodies which are our temples.  I also experience erratic sleeping patterns when I will wake up in the early morning.  I use to get upset that I couldn’t return to slumber but now I get up and use the time to meditate.  When the higher-self wants to talk to me at 3am, I listen!
  6. Synchronicities and Manifestations – I can’t even begin to list all of the crazy synchronicities that have occurred over the years and continue to occur daily.  Also, because I have a very strong will center in my back, I have always been able to manifest the people and situations that I need to sustain myself both materially and spiritually.
  7. Emotional-Powerful-Creative-Depressed – For a very long time I was “diagnosed” with depression and a host of other “mental illnesses.”  Doctors told me that it was a condition that would worsen over the years and meant a lifetime of Big Pharma drugs.  Many years after this diagnosis, I watched a YouTube video called something like – Bipolar or Spiritual Awakening.  It was eye-opening to say the least!  Everything finally made sense and I felt free and whole again.   I believe that many people who are experiencing spiritual awakenings are mistakenly diagnosed with mental illness.  These people need boat loads of supreme unconditional love, not mind-numbing drugs and expensive psychotherapy.  I am now, and have been, free from Big Pharma for years since taking up the path of self-discovery, and am more joyful and free than I have ever been in this life.  There are times I feel euphoric and have not had as much as a cup of water.  I embrace these feeling and ride the wave.  If I am feeling down, I embrace this space as well as a teacher of gratitude and faith.
  8. Timelessness/Loss for Words – I am a head-in-the-clouds, long-necked dreamer that often doesn’t know what day it is much less the time.  On top of that, when I do need to actually speak, I often can’t find the words in my head to express myself.  I use to get frustrated but I now accept it as a healing symptom.  I accept that I am healing from human imposed systems and constraints.
  9. Change in Lifestyle – Materialism is less a priority.  I want to be surrounded by people and things with beautiful, musical, sublime energy.  I want to sit for hours with Mamma Nature and take in all of her wisdom and heavenly manifestations.  I don’t care so much about how I look when I go out or what someone thinks of me.  I just want to be free to enjoy the abundance of life.  I embrace myself, light and dark, strengths and flaws.  It’s a work in progress and I love doing the work.
  10. Seeing Other Dimensions – I would like to devote a post on this but I will say that I have seen into other dimensions and entities not of the world that we usually see.  For example, about ten years ago I was able to see what we may call a demon-like creature.  At that time, my vibration was low, and so now looking back on this intensely fearful situation, I realize and acknowledge that I attracted that creature to myself through my own negative perspective on life.  A more recent example occurred a few summers ago while meditating on the kitchen floor of my (former) tiny apartment.  My eyes were closed and while seeing a greyish darkness, the view suddenly went pitch black.  A single red flame came into sight and began moving upward.  I was forced to move my head up (eyes still closed) to follow it.  This was amazing to me and I opened my eyes in pure shock of what was occurring .  But then, there was the red flame!  Right in front of my opened eyes.  It began to travel up again and around the dark, kitchen wall.  I followed it, completely mesmerized by what I was witnessing.  I felt so warm and inspired once the flame disappeared.  Such a contrast from the first experience of seeing!

These are all experiences that I feel are related to what has been called “the awakening process”.  Whether they actually are or not is not important to me. The reason that I embrace the spiritual path is to heal the immense pain that I have felt throughout life and to assist others in their healing process. Everyday I welcome further healing and gain further insight into life itself.

Photography by Ajua Hawkins.

Copyright 2014 Ajua Hawkins

2 Replies to “Physical Manifestations of Awakening”

  1. Omg, this is so uncannily similar to my experience as well! The symptoms definitely brought me to my full awakening to the spiritual realms. I have trouble with timelessness/loss for words as well. In addition, there are some period of time where i have weird sleeping patterns too, especially right now. I’d tend to wake up at 3am / 4am in the morning (pretty annoying!). Haha! Thank you for sharing about your experience. It’s very comforting to know that I’m not alone 🙂 Many blessings! ❤

    1. Ahhhh!!! That warms my heart no end beloved!! I’ve been so hesitant as to whether to post this article for a very long time. Everyday I am learning more and more that it is ok to be myself and reveal how I feel about life and see the world. Your comment is great encouragement and just makes me so happy. Thank you dearest angel!

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