Wooden Shoe Books and Records

blog 3.17.14

I was on my way to one of my favorite bookstores when I almost passed this wonderful find and decided to stick my head in. I was immediately intrigued by the subject matter of the books on display and promptly became engrossed in browsing their selections. Wooden Shoe was established in 1976 and describes itself as an “all volunteer, collectively-run, anarchist book store.”

There were so many treasures to be found in this place and if alternative ways of thinking is your thing, I recommend checking out Wooden Shoe Books. In part, their mission states, “we are committed to discussing and challenging all systems of oppression including but not limited to: racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, ableism, and ageism within our own collective and in larger society.”

blog2 3.17.14

blog3 3.17.14As soon as I stepped into the shop, I began having flashbacks of my college years and immediately missed the passion I once had for devouring books concerning the oppression of the earth’s native peoples. I recalled my studies abroad concentrated on the culture and writings of African people and decided to rekindle the work I’d started so long ago. Yes, we learn to grow but we also learn to share.

blog7 3.17.14blog6 3.17.14Wooden Shoe Books boasts interesting and thought-provoking books for the youth. They definitely have a selection for African parents to choose from that I don’t think will disappoint those looking for topics outside of the mainstream.

blog8 3.17.14blog9 3.17.14Also available for purchase are political pins for your faux leather jacket, post cards featuring quotes by your favorite revolutionary, cards depicting environmental concerns, DVDs on socio-political subjects, and literary journals on a plethora of topics from feminism to neo-colonialism. I honestly didn’t see the records but if they are a reflection of the book selection, then I am sure they keep some interesting beats in stock.

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I will no doubt revisit Wooden Shoe Books to enrich my own library and mind. You can find on their website both book reviews and a calendar of events. I am very much interested in the lectures concerning neo-colonialism and African politics. I hope to check one out soon.

You can visit Wooden Shoe Books’s website at  woodenshoebooks.com.

Copyright 2014 Ajua Hawkins

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