How Reiki Develops Intuition

Transporting my Reiki stuff to a health fair.
Transporting my Reiki stuff to a health fair.

In the summer of 2012, I sat on my floor meditating when a voice seemed to fill the silence. It simply said, very clearly, “Reiki.”  I thought, what? I had heard of Reiki but didn’t know very much about it. I made the decision to listen to the voice and promptly began researching Reiki programs in the area. I found one presenting an open house in the coming weeks and registered. Since that time, I have completed Reiki levels one and two. Besides the obvious health benefit of relaxing the body, the most important lesson that I am learning from this energy healing system, is that of becoming more in tune with intuition and listening to that small inner voice that only has your best interest at heart.

I am sure that many, if not most people, would find the idea of healing by laying on of hands pretty farfetched. And to be honest, it doesn’t really matter to me what others think about the practice. The part of Reiki I am most drawn to is the meditative aspect of it, the stillness and awareness of the body which comes with daily practice. Our bodies regularly tell us what it needs and when. Unfortunately, many of us are not tuned in to the way our bodies communicate with our minds.

Through Reiki, or any meditative practice, we begin to notice and become aware of the way our individual bodies let us know, for example, what types of foods are the best nourishment, when to relax and rest, when to eat and drink water, when to urinate or release our bowels, and when to stretch and exercise. Yes, these seems like extremely simple and obvious tasks. But I would argue that our lack of awareness by these seemingly trivial things is a big cause of the overall unhealthy state of people living in the United States. For example, when I worked a corporate job, because of the stress and time constraints I was under, I constantly ignored the fact that I needed to use the restroom just to finish work. Writing this sounds absurd, but fear of the partners wrath kept me unaware of my body’s needs and tuned into an unhealthy frequency.

Reiki is a tool that teaches me more about myself. If it speaks to you, I think it is definitely worth checking out. The journey is a wonderful one and I am so happy that I chose it.

Copyright 2014 Ajua Hawkins

7 Replies to “How Reiki Develops Intuition”

  1. Reiki definitely speaks to me 😉 However, I think I’ll put that on hold for now. Again, another amazing article! *whistles* I love reading your inspiring, motivational and super enlightening articles! Thank you for sharing your story with us, love ❤ Much love, light, peace and angel blessings to You! 🙂 xx

    1. Thank you angel!! I have a huge smile on my face right now. The feeling is mutual. Loving your blog. You are truly an inspiration. Wishing you a most spectacular day filled with love, laughter and sparkling light. Peace and blessings!

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