Shawnee Village Resort

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My lovely friend Linda found a Groupon for Shawnee Village Resort and since I’m always down for a road trip, we decided to journey into the unknown. I honestly didn’t even know where the Pocono Mountains were and just vaguely recalled seeing signs on our travels up to New York. I am a true nature lover and knew that it would not disappoint. The beautiful outdoors coupled with good friends and good food was a wonderful delight!


Our home for three days was tucked away right close to a serene river. Since we booked during off-season, the property was quiet and peaceful.






The accommodations were perfect for two couples or a family with several children. The kitchen was supplied with everything that you would need to prepare a meal, two full bathrooms ensured that we didn’t get in each other’s way, and the screened porch was perfect for chatting and burning my favorite incense. There was a wood burning stove which would be excellent for extra heat if needed or setting a lovely ambiance. The tub had us laughing and feeling as if we’d been transported to the 70’s.

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The grounds featured plenty to do including a gym, game room, indoor and outdoor pools, jacuzzi, sauna, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, mini golf, art and crafts, tennis and scheduled events.

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One of my favorite parts of the weekend was cooking with my beautiful friends and husband. Linda really outdid herself with the most amazing kale salad. I felt as if I’d fallen into a five-star restaurant. Excellent. We also loaded up on lots of fruit at the Super Wal-Mart and made juices with the Vitamix that I brought to our party.

I totally recommend Shawnee Village Resort for a no-frills family or group quick weekend get-away. Even though we booked during off-season, there was still plenty to do and I had such a great time exploring both the downtown areas and the outskirts of the towns. I am looking forward to future trips to the glorious Pocono Mountains!

For more information about Shawnee Village Resort, visit their website at


Photography by Ajua Hawkins.

Copyright 2014 Ajua Hawkins

8 Replies to “Shawnee Village Resort”

  1. This reminds me of a lodge we went to up in Salisbury, PA..I can’t remember the name, but there were Amish all over the place and also Dutch Wonderland amusement park. Anyway, I live vicariously through you now sis.

    1. Well, that’s cool because I love to share. Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful weather. Can’t wait to get outside. Lots of love to you my friend.

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