East Stroudsburg Off-season Activities in the Pocono Mountains

IMG_1138 (480x640)

Visiting the Pocono Mountains off-season may seem pointless but I assure you that it is not. The Poconos are a great place to visit with your family or a group of friends during this down-time as the lodging is cheap and the environment serene. While visiting Shawnee Village Resort, I had a wonderful time enjoying nature and experiencing the local establishments. Below are a few suggestions for things to do when the ski lodges and waterfalls are closed for the season.

Main St. Jukebox






If you are an avid record collector or grew up in the 80’s, you will love this place. Vintage toys, games, and anything related to playing music is available – 8 tracks, Mr. Potato Head, VCR tapes, action figures from Saturday morning cartoons… It’s all here. I didn’t buy anything but I did take a trip down memory lane, and for some odd reason I love looking at the art on the record covers, even though I never take them home with me. Definitely a stop for music-lovers and those child-like spirits. For more information, you can check out Main St. Jukebox on their Facebook page.

The Happy Pipe Hookah Lounge



IMG_1196While strolling through downtown East Stroudsburg, my husband and I decided to enjoy a spot of tea. We dipped into The Happy Pipe and was pleasantly surprised by both the decor and their selection of teas and hemp snacks. I ordered a hibiscus ice tea, which was tasty, and perused their selection of hookah oils. If hookah lounges are your thing, I suspect this would be a great place to smoke hookah with a group of friends as the ambiance seemed pretty on point. For further information on The Happy Pipe, visit their Facebook page.

Skylanes Bowling Center



IMG_1128When we first walked into Skylanes Bowling Center, all I could see were lanes of bowling teams and thought, this place doesn’t look that fun. After walking past the teams to the shoe rental, I then spotted the huge screens featuring music videos hovering over rows of lanes dazzled by colorful lights. Ok! Now this looked like fun and fun was had by all! For information on Skylanes, visit skylanesbowling.com.

Popcorn Buddha


Popcorn Buddha is an excellent place to pick up gifts for your friends and family. There are over 80 flavors to choose from, freshly popped daily on the premises. I particularly enjoyed Eternal Flame and Buddha’s Delight. To find out more about my visit to Popcorn Buddha, please click here. To visit their website, go to popcornbuddhausa.com.


Photography by Ajua Hawkins.

Copyright 2014 Ajua Hawkins



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