Review: “Spiritual Warrior” by Swami Krishnapada

blog 5.16.14

My good friend Raycurt gave me this enlightening book many years ago, along with parts two and three. I found there to be many golden nuggets of spiritual truths, messages that I could vibrate with. Many of his suggestions for living a spiritual life are ways of being that I haven’t yet matured into. However, I am growing in each moment and am loving the process. Below are quotes by Swami Krishnapada which I felt were interesting, uplifting, and informative.

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Highlights from “Spiritual Warrior: Uncovering Spiritual Truths in Psychic Phenomena”:

On “Dreams: A State of Reality”:

  • As you enter into the dream state in a spiritual consciousness, you are more likely to have a dream that is productive and that will accelerate your growth.
  • Our dream experiences are often impressions accumulated from many lifetimes.
  • Often, when people in a close relationship are separated, they can contact each other in the dream state.
  • Sometimes, dreams can be used as a medium to play out the karma that one has accumulated.

On “Searching for Paradise”:

  • Thus, self-realization does not involve going out and acquiring something. It is a matter of opening up, receiving, and using what is already apart of you.
  • In order to obtain residency in a heavenly realm, one undergoes an upgrading transformation of consciousness.

On “Angels and Demigods”:

  • Each person is a wholistic being who has a material aspect and a metaphysical aspect, but who is the soul.
  • Because the Lord is so merciful, He repeatedly sends us ambassadors to help enliven our consciousness.
  • All major teachers have told us that we should love our neighbors as ourselves and that we should love God with all of our heart.
  • You may not even recognize that you are a visitor yourself who has a tremendous amount of responsibility to help bring about a higher level of consciousness in this particular universe.
  • Language affects how we perceive the world and also how we relate to the world.

On “Fire and Brimstone, Horns and Tails”:

  • Devils are as real as you want them to be. However, if you refuse to give them power, there is nothing much they can do to you.
  • Those with less resistance can be influenced by negative energy because they have allowed themselves to tune into it.
  • Currently, for many people the lower self is becoming dominant, and these individuals are becoming increasingly sinful.
  • Given God’s loving nature, the concept of hell in which we burn forever cannot be real.
  • Hell is in reality a mental concept and is experienced according to several variables. The experience is based on one’s culture, one’s religion, one’s understanding, and one’s consciousness. It is surely based on the sin: the type, the quality, and extent of one’s misdeeds.
  • Nightmares are sometimes due to a recollection of a visit to the hellish kingdoms.
  • By raising our consciousness we can align ourselves with the source of all love and fulfill our purpose in this material arena without having to become preoccupied with the rapidly decaying fabric of society or with the symptoms of an age coming to an end.

On “Psychic Intrusions”:

  • Always remember that because you are separate from the mind, you can evaluate what the mind is dictating to you.
  • If you are spiritually advanced and have enviable qualities, you are particularly at risk. All kinds of people thinking envious thoughts can make you a target of lust and exploitation. It is as if they are feeding you. You really have no idea of all the thoughts, the energy, or the life forms that you are carrying around with you.
  • It is important to not identify with your own or others’ problems. When people tell you their problems, they literally give these difficulties to you. You are now carrying their problems, and usually their problems continue to increase because they are thinking of nothing else.
  • Because the state of your body has a powerful effect on consciousness, your diet is a vital weapon of psychic defense. You have to create higher energy in order to not be affected by the lower energy.
  • Love, righteousness, and the Divine are stronger than the negativity of this age. Therefore, be loving and righteous.

On “UFOs, Extraterrestrials, and the Mother-ship”:

  • A broad definition of extraterrestrials, aliens, is that they are entities who reside beyond the boundaries of the earth planet.
  • Their role is to assist the earth with balance and advancement.
  • Message to the Black man [by Elijah Muhammad] mentions the mother-ship’s role and its ability to keep this world on an even keel by activities such as controlling disasters, natural and man-made.
  • Once you are in harmony with God it becomes His duty to ensure your survival. It is His duty, too, to see to your protection. It becomes His agents’ duty and joy to do His bidding in relationship to you.
  • We encourage you to align yourself with people and practices that will raise your consciousness and that will harmoniously align you with the universe and God.

On “The Pyramids: Ancient Structures of Mystery”:

  • Pyramids exist not only on the African continent but also in Central and South America, Mexico, Kampuchea, Ethiopia, Somalia, and India.
  • More than eighty pyramids were built along the banks of the Nile in ancient Kemet.
  • It has been documented that a river of water can be found in the base of the pyramids. This water is of spiritual significance, since it represents the barrier between the material and the spiritual worlds.

On “The Quest for Eternal Bliss”:

  • To begin with, all paths fall into four philosophical categories: materialism, voidism, impersonalism, and personalism.
  • Materialism holds that a human being is nothing but a physical entity without a soul. Existence is simply a matter of being placed in different environments which produce a corresponding personality… This philosophy produces great selfishness and is based on exploitation and manipulation, rather than living in harmony with nature.
  • According to [voidism], material involvement produces anxiety, material relationships bring pain, and material pursuits cause stresses, frustration, and depression… This philosophy tells us what reality is not, but there is little information on what reality is.
  • Impersonalism moves us outside of the material arena and into cosmic consciousness or Samadhi… The focus is on merging into God’s energy and on becoming one with the light of God… It shows haw we are one with God, but it totally neglects to explain how we are different from God, and this is essential.
  • The philosophy of personalism recognizes that materialism brings pain and confusion, but that one must rise above these difficulties and become free from sensual bombardment. The philosophy of personalism includes aspects of materialism, of voidism, and of impersonalism. But it goes further. It recognizes that there are some activities that are not material.
  • Service is the highest ecstasy. Service can extend to a point where one finds feelings of ecstasy interfering with one’s service. This symptom occurs in the highest of loving relationships. The experience of bliss in the spiritual world is so intense that talking is like singing and walking is like dancing.


Today’s mantra: love and light.

 Photography by Ajua Hawkins.

Copyright 2014 Ajua Hawkins

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      1. I will be ordering it! I recently moved out of the city and to the sea and feel all my energy expanding outwards again, no more claustrophobia which is beautiful, i’m looking for my balance though.

  1. I loved reading about this book– definitely interesting and sounds enlightening. I came to see what you were up to as I saw you visited my place and did several likes. Thank you. Much appreciated.

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