All The Way Live

Philly 5.17.14 2

My husband and I were driving through Germantown in Philadelphia famished. The restaurant we wanted to try was closed, as were several others we attempted to patronize. As we drove by All The Way Live, I recalled that my beautiful friend Sunlight had been adamant that I taste their fare. We quickly found a parking spot and headed in for some amazing vegetarian food.

philly 5.17.14 .4

philly 5.17.15 .6
The menu was intriguing and I was very excited to try raw vegan food. I chose a pita filled with Walnut “nut meat” and black rice, coupled with the yummiest apple cider. We finished our meal with a carob cake that tasted very good, somewhat like a coconut-chocolate mixture.

Philly 5.17.14 .3

Philly 5.17.14 .5

As we walked into the establishment, we were impressed by the decor and the beautiful artwork gracing the wall. I absolutely adore both high vibrational pieces.

Philly 5.17.14

I highly suggest All The Way Live Raw and Vegan Foods. They are located at 6108 Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. You can visit their colorful website at

Photography by Ajua Hawkins

Copyright 2014 Ajua Hawkins

5 Replies to “All The Way Live”

  1. I’ll have to take your word on this one sis. I tried the vegan on a promise and also starved to death. For reals. LOL!! Not really, but it felt like it. I’m like a hummingbird in that way.

    1. Hey love! Good to hear from you. This was actually really good. I’ve really wanted to get into more vegan and raw food. I was impressed by this restaurant and happy that it was African-American owned because I want to practice more group economics. Love to you my brother!

  2. Good Living & gOOD TO KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY…. or at least some peoples who know what we like to taste and approaching the cuisine with soul… I learn every time I am on your site can’t wait to try this spot… blessed peace

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