Review: “You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience” by Bob Frissell

blog 5.25.14

You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience is a short book packed with many ancient and new age concepts woven together in an admirable attempt at explaining why we are more spiritual in essence than physical. Since many who have never heard of the ideas and stories presented in this book may find them to be farfetched, it is important to keep an open mind while reading. Whether one agrees with the historical and scientific aspects of the book or not, the wisdom and psychology found therein are worthy of consideration. Below are some highlights from the book I felt were interesting and relevant to every day spiritually focused living.

  • We are accelerating in our evolution at such a rate that we have drawn the attention of beings from every part of the cosmos, because what happens to us will affect all life everywhere.
  • The universe as a whole comprises an enormous number of levels or “dimensions” of being – each dimension possessing its own kind of reality and each being an expression of a different kind of consciousness.
  • Each dimension of being is organized energetically by a single wave-form – a single vibration that assembles and maintains the appearance of reality for all the beings who live on that dimension.
  • All we have to do to change our dimensional level is to change that base-line vibration, or, which amounts to the same thing, to become aware of other higher “frequencies” – the frequencies of the other dimensions.
  • Essentially and for the most part we do not recognize that we are the creators of our own reality, so when we experience difficulties and problems of any kind, we feel ourselves to be victims, at the mercy of circumstances, the whim of the gods, the bearer’s of “bad karma,” unworthy of success or happiness – you name it.
  • In our present day world, the way we most typically give away our authority is by believing that every area of life is only understood by “experts,” people who specialize in some form of knowledge and therefore really know more than we could possibly know about it.
  • The steps we take to control the environment or improve our health by material, technological means very often create unforeseen side-effects that make problems for us that are greater than the ones we set out to solve.
  • The Unity of Being is expressed in each one of us through the existence of a protective energy field encompassing and surrounding our physical body called the Merkaba. […] In fact everything has its Merkaba, its space-time-energy vehicle, that is the deep link it has with the Unity of Being.
  • When you arrive at Christ Consciousness – the dimensional level on which the Unity of Being can be experienced directly and felt , not only understood, to be the truth – you will be able to see and feel how in fact every individual thing in the universe has its own Merkaba.
  • When we decide that something is bad and that we want to reject it or exclude it, we actually send out a wave of negative energy that mixes in our environment and darkens our own reality.
  • Your Higher Self recognizes the truth when it hears and steps forth through this intuitive feeling.
  • The world of Possibility is something that I become aware of by using my right brain – my capacity for intuition and feeling.  To grasp a possibility, I must have an intuition – a feeling, a sense of it. To make the shift to being a master, all I really need is an intuition, a sense, a feeling, that it is true.
  • Since as human beings living in the third dimension we take many years to mature, the early years of our life are very powerful in forming attitudes, thoughts, and patterns that continue to affect us in later life.
  • For ascension to happen there has to be a massive clean-up operation on two different fronts. We have to clean things up externally and collectively and we have to clean things up individually and internally. The two are actually completely inter-related.

Today’s mantra: we are one.

Photography by Ajua Hawkins.

Copyright 2014 Ajua Hawkins

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