New Product: The Tribal Bling Necklace

heirloom 9.10.14 .2

The Tribal Bling Necklace is the perfect balance of earthy Mother Nature inspiration and the adventure-filled, glamorous life of a fashion Goddess. All materials are man-made and no animals were harmed to re-create this faux horn look. As the black-white trend comes back strong into the fall season, this verstaile neckalce works perfect for that polarizing look against a casual black t-shirt or your favorite little black dress. The neckalce is adjustable and is sold with matching earrings.

Price: $12

heirloom 9.10.14

Today’s mantra: all good things in time.

Copyright 2014 Ajua Hawkins

12 Replies to “New Product: The Tribal Bling Necklace”

      1. Awww I believe that it will! You may like to call upon the angels to ask for like-minded customers to visit your stall at the flea market before you start the day, dearest Ajualuv! 😉 Sending you so much love, light & angel blessings ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. I did! Thank you!! How have you been. I haven’t seen you posting but maybe because of the time difference. I was checking out your last post just earlier today before I even saw this comment. You are sooo blessed to see and experience such amazing fashion shows and meet these talented and brilliant artists. Sending you big hug!! Enjoy the day!

      1. Many thanks 🙂 Don’t worry for the time difference, we can read each other also in different moments, without problems! 😉 I send you a big hug too and thanks for your wonderful words :* See you soon!

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