Experiencing Dreams In Manifestation


I am enjoying this entrepreneurial journey so much. I can’t tell you how happy I am. Everyday I take steps towards realizing my dream. For ten years I’ve had this idea of a magical, enchanting tea lounge and I can see the vision manifesting into the physical.Β (Click the heading or below to read more.)

With market season at a close until April, I’ve been working on organizing a pop-up tea party and trunk show. So much to do and so much contentment while doing! Yesterday, Omar and I started our membership with Restaurant Depot. The positive energy was tangible, my mood elevated, vibrations feeling divine as I walked the aisles blissfully calculating my needs and the organization of both my pop-up and future brick-and-mortar. Feeling deeply blessed and thankful for the enduring faithfulness of the Universe.






Photos by Ajua Hawkins.

Copyright 2015 Ajua Hawkins

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