Meaningful Work

You know those times where you are so tired that you start becoming agitated about things you normally don’t care about? Well, I’m there. (Click on the heading or below to read more.)

Exhausted. Working a part-time job while building a business is no joke. I left a six-figure salary behind to take a minimal wage job at a tea retailer so that I could build upon my dream. Meaningful work means strategically and selectively choosing a job now that is going to aid you in reaching your goals. The lessons learned are priceless, better than any class I could have taken (and paid for) on how to start a tea business. There is just nothing like real world experience. Sometimes, I am tired, frustrated, annoyed and miss my old pay check. BUT, I love my life. I love this journey I have chosen. And I love all of the challenges that come with it. Yes, I am thankful to be engaged in meaningful work.


Copyright 2015 Ajua Hawkins

7 Replies to “Meaningful Work”

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a message. Yes, I think it is so important to have meaningful work in your life, no matter the form it takes – volunteering, etc. Something that resonates in your soul. Thanks for the well wishes. Sending you love for your journey!

    1. Thank you my dear brother. I am sooo tired in that picture! Lol. I know this is all going to pay off but I’m feeling pretty run down. Wouldn’t mind a vacay to some nice beach someplace tropical. I hope you are doing well on the west coast. Sending you love as always!

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