The Art of Tray Setting

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IMG_0852So, I didn’t even know that “tray setting” was an actual term until I decided to write this post and look it up. Wow, so many beautiful trays in Google images. Well, even though I didn’t know it was an actual thing, I’ve been practicing for a few months now and loving the artistic nature of homemaking. My husband and I rarely sit at a table to eat. We are usually at our desks, on the couch or in bed. As I’ve been getting more into tea culture on Instagram, I’ve noticed the beautiful creativity that goes into arranging the trays. I am inspired deeply by this creativity and now dress my own trays for tea time and meals taken not at the kitchen counter. The entire process makes eating much more meditative and satisfying. Ommm.

(Click on the heading or below to view more of my lovely tray settings.)

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Today’s mantra: Seeing the beauty in everything.

Copyright 2014 Ajua Hawkins

10 Replies to “The Art of Tray Setting”

  1. I have gotten into table and tray settings since living in Korea. In Korea, every meal regardless of what you order is served with an assortment of side dishes, called banchan and what’s more is that when you are dining out, you can get refills on the dishes (free). Be sure to check out the different settings in Google, you can just search “Korean table settings” to view different ones based on the meal as well as “banchan” to see some of the side dishes, usually different types of kimchi.

    1. Oh wow. Thank you so much for leaving such an interesting comment. I will definitely do the search. I do actually go to a lot of Korean restaurants. I started noticing all the super cute trays when I went to Chinatown for tea. So cute!!! I wanted to give myself the same experience at home. Also I am working on building my own tea room so of course would like to offer my guests a similar experience. Thank you so much for the recommendation. Will check out now. Have a lovely day!!

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