Thank you “Welcome to Yoniville”!

Omar listening to the Yoniville presentations while sitting next to the Heirloom vendor table.
Heirloom offered free Reiki sessions to Yoniville participants.

We just wanted to take a moment to thank all of the participants and organizers of “Welcome to Yoniville.” Heirloom was contacted to conduct a Reiki demonstration and speak on energy healing. We had no idea how much we were going to enjoy the presentations, discussions, and divine feminine energy.  Our Heirloom Bohemian Boutique products were a huge hit, offering the women a nice array of organic teas, metaphysical tools, and healing body steams and soaks. The discussions on topics from business to health were all informative and delivered from the heart. A huge thank you to Barbara Verneus for all of her hard work in coordinating this fantastic event!

Artist Janiah Bradley and Yoniville organizer Barbara Verneus have a laugh during the Professional Development portion of the program.

To see more awesome pictures from “Welcome to Yoniville”, click on the header or link below!

Heirloom offered soothing bath soaks and chakra teas. Perfect for a warm, lovely bath while enjoying an herbal tea to strengthen your Third Eye!
Lots of metaphysical tools were available to the lovely ladies such as cowrie shells, aromatherapy oils, vibrant crystals, and tarot decks.
After several inquiries from customers, we felt it was time to develop a Yoni Steam for detoxing and healing. They were a huge hit at “Welcome to Yoniville” of course!
Lots of herbal and straight teas as always!
A huge thank you to all of the women attending the event. Thank you for investing in yourselves and our business!
The amazingly talented Janiah Bradley showcased her brilliant artwork.
Phoenix Mystique, pictured here speaking, sold extremely yummy vegan treats.
Discussing dedication to developing small businesses.
Phoenix Mystique graces our ears with a self-written song.
I speak to the women about self-care and the benefits of Reiki.
Conducting a Reiki demo on our volunteer Christina. I just loved her response to the mini-treatment!

Welcome to Yoniville

Copyright Ajua Hawkins 2015

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