Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays from Heirloom! Now that the market season has pretty much come to a close (we will do just one more market for Kwanzaa), I have a little time to reflect on the past year. I started this journey of creating Heirloom years ago now and what I envisioned has not come to pass as of yet. I thought I was going to own this super, boho chic cafe – a place where people could come together to share ideas and be themselves.

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Almost 7 years later (plus a marriage, out-of-state move, and baby), I still do not have a brick-and-mortar, have begun to sell more retail than tea, and continue to do events and markets. Every time I think it’s the time to rent or buy a storefront, the numbers just don’t work out. And you know what? Today, I am ok with that. I’ve been stressing over this dream for so long, that I didn’t even realize how much time had actually passed. I don’t want to be a slave to my dreams. I want to live as the free spirit that I am and enjoy life with my husband and little baby. As of this moment, I have decided to end the wholesale portion of my business, sell only at events that I absolutely love, and put away my cafe dreams. Today, I am ok with this. Because sometimes, the goal of your dreams is no longer what you really want, and you can’t just keep blindly pushing forward for the sake of pride and ego. I am so thankful for my life, family, and home. That is all that I need. I will continue to make things and post them in my shop and do my summer outdoor markets, but I won’t let that work define my success and who I am – which is a mother, wife, free spirit, and artist. Happy holidays everyone! Life is beautiful!