Ajualuv Ascension Essentials


Heirloom is a spiritual lifestyle boutique specializing in:

teas, herbs, candles, incense, oils, crystals, bohemian decor and meditation/altar tools.

We currently sell our products in our Show Room, at events and online.

To receive Heirloom’s monthly newsletter filled with information regarding new products, markets and pop-ups, bohemian fashion trends, and home design tips, email Heirloom at HeirloomPhilly@gmail.com with “Newsletter” in the subject heading.


Meet the Owners!

Owners Pic

Ajua and Omar Hawkins are the married dynamic duo behind Heirloom.

Copyright 2012-2017 Ajua Hawkins

  1. Beautiful through and through!

    • Hi Ajua!,

      How are you doing? I love the fact that you have/are going to start a tea lounge. That is one
      of my dreams too. I love tea, I love pastries. I wish I could create a cute teashop. A little shop near the water: with 10 tables and 5 benches. Serving different kind of tea’s. Off cource served with cute pastries.

      Well enough about my dreams. Your name sounds Ghanaian, are you from Ghana?


      • I am well!! Thank you. Yes I have a Ghanaian name. I am from SC. I work at a tea retail store and I am creating a tea lounge. I am obsessed with it and I love planning and seeing it come to fruition. I will keep you updated through my blog on my process. Your idea sounds amazing. I think you should do it if it is in your heart. I have carried this idea with me for a long, long time and it’s time to give birth to it. Thank you so much for visiting me, sharing your dream and taking time to leave a comment. Lots of love to you!

  2. you inspire me. with your beauty. your intentions. your positivity. your spirit. thanks for sharing your soul and for helping others of us along on our own journeys!

    • Thank you so much for all of your love, support and encouragement! You are truly an earth angel I am so grateful to have you in my life!

  3. What beautiful and inspirational words. I love it Ajua! I’m so very happy for you and Omar. Blessings.-Monique Moody Henegan

    • Thank you Cousin! I am so grateful for you! I pray that one day we will be united again. Miss your beautiful smiling face! Blessings and love to you!

  4. Aj,
    I am so glad to see some of your powerful work and know that you are doing well. Love Lani

    • Lani!! How are you? Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I hope that you and the family are doing wonderfully. If you are ever in Philly, please get in touch with me. I would love to see you and catch up. Sending you so much love!!

  5. love your art work! so beautiful, and your new blog look is perfect,you’ve created a blessed,healing space here, thank you

    • Leslie you encourage me no end. All your visits to my blog motivate me to keep working on it and do my best to make it better. I really, really appreciate you and send you so much love in return for all of yours. May you have a blessed and beautiful day!

  6. Beautiful girl with a touch soul! Love discovering your blog!

  7. such a beautiful woman, even more beautiful soul… ❀

  8. Thank you so much for following back. Much appreciated.

  9. What a blooming love temple it is!!! I am in love…. xo πŸ™‚

  10. thank you for following my blog! happy that you like it πŸ™‚ what an interesting blog you have! for sure will be back here πŸ™‚ have a sunny and happy Sunday πŸ™‚

  11. Thank you so much for checking out my blog and my art πŸ™‚

  12. Dear Ajualuv, I would like to thank you for you visit on my blog, and the very kind comments you’ve made there. Know that they touched me alot. I love your art and your blog. I feel you are a very generous and kind person. Stay blessed! I ma very happy that (thanks to WordPress!) we are now connected. Love, FrΓ©dΓ©ric

    • Awww!! You are so welcome. You have a beatiful talent. I quite enjoy reading your poems. Thank you for choosing to be a light in this world. I am so happy that we have technology to connect with people around the world. It is such an amazing thing. I am sending you so much love and appreciation.

      • Thank you so much Ajualuv. yes I feel grateful, WordPress is such a great “place” to “meet” so talented and generous people like YOU. Merci encore. Keep in touch :-)β™₯

  13. Hi Ajualuv. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. Your blog is full of positive energy, creativity, and inspiration. Love the art work and paintings. Such great talent. I look forward to spending more time here.

    Many blessings

    • Thank you!! I appreciate your inspiring words. I too look forward to spending more time on your blog. It’s wonderful to meet you! Have a beautiful day!

  14. you are a very creative minded force and with so much depth and range and truly leave a lasting impression with your craft and depth. thank you and the best to you. peace

    • Oh wow. Thank you beloved. I am smiling. Thank you for bringing some joy to my day. Sending you so much love! Looking forward to reading more of your poems.

  15. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and the follow…..it gave me a chance to gave a look at your page…..interesting stuff, I look forward to more…..:)

  16. A wonderful woman. A true inspiration to many. πŸ™‚

  17. 45 countries? wonderful! Very impressive site you have here. Well done and congratulations.

    • That’s 15 countries. I love to travel. Thank you for stopping by. Please enjoy the beautiful day. Thank you for the wonderful compliment. I just love blogging. πŸ™‚

      • Ooops! Still 15 is a nice number of countries. It’s funny how my first attempt at blogging, while not a disaster, left me feeling more disconnected and uninspired… this time it’s different and I owe that to people like you. Keep doing what you’re doing… have a fantastic day!

  18. Hi! Thanks for liking my posts and following my blog πŸ™‚ I’ve never known anyone like you, You’re such an inspiration. Please keep doing great things πŸ™‚

  19. Hi! Your awesome and I admire you. Thank you so much for visiting and liking my blog I really appreciated it. I am new here like only less than a month but I’m very excited here. Your blog is so great. Godbless you! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for the beautiful compliments!! I hope that you enjoy blogging and connecting with people. It so much fun to see the creativity. Sending you a huge hug and wishing you a lovely day!

      • Your welcome! I really do enjoy sharing our blessed talents to people. i find it my way of expressing myself and at the same time enjoying the adventure . Thank you so much I really appreciate your thoughts.:)

  20. What an exciting and positive blog you have Ajua. What a lovely surprise. πŸ™‚

  21. you’re beautiful, so is your work

  22. I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog word. The rules for receiving this award can be found on my blog using this link:

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