Raw and Radiant Ruby

Ruby in Prayer Room
Ruby in Prayer Room

I was thrilled about experiencing Seattle for the first time.  While exploring the underground section of Pike Place Market, we made our way to a small crystal store called Gem Heaven.  I’d done my due diligence before we arrived and had my mind-set on visiting several metaphysical and mystical stores in and around the market.  I enjoyed perusing the unique selection at Gem Heaven.  There was plenty to choose from and ooh-and-ah over in the tiny shop.  I purchased several crystals – one of them being a little ruby.

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Medicinal Tea: Infusion vs. Decoction

Chamomile Flower Infusion

I drink tea every day.  It soothes and calms like no other beverage and I appreciate the ever-increasing variety.  Part of my love for tea flows from the preparation ritual.  Watching the flowers and leaves unroll, swell, and bloom lifts my spirit and makes me smile like a child watching the transformation take place for the first time.  Besides fixing the daily morning wake-up cuppa and sipping on Sleepy Time or fresh chamomile tea before bedtime, I never thought much about the science of making tea until we discussed it at an Herbiary Apothecary Garden class.

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Review: “Energetic Boundaries: How to Stay Protected and Connected in Work, Love, and Life” by Cyndi Dale

Enjoying Dale’s “Energetic Boundaries” on the back patio this summer.

“Energetic Boundaries: How to Stay Protected in Work, Love, and Life,” by Cyndi Dale, was extremely helpful in equipping me with the necessary tools to continue boldly on my spiritual path.  For as long as I can remember, I have always been very sensitive.  And at some point along the way, I recognized that most of the uncomfortable sensitivity I was feeling was actually the absorption of other people’s emotions.  This revelation was a great relief to me.  However, I didn’t have a clue as to how to protect myself from those inevitable waves of foreign emotions.  I decided to invest in Dale’s book to gain insight and ideas on how I might better deal with these situations.

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My Carnelian Pendant

Colorful Carnelian Crystal

I’ve always been attracted to rocks.  So when a rock store opened in downtown Beaufort when I was a teen, I spent a lot of time reaching into the cool depths of the hematite display and marveling at the liquid plasma-like exterior of these mystical stones.  As an adult, I purchased crystal guides to learn about their metaphysical qualities.  However, when I go crystal shopping, I still choose my stones by what speaks to me instead of planning ahead of time what I am going to buy.  This summer I bought a carnelian pendant from a beautiful Tibetan store in Fort Greene, Brooklyn called 21 Tara.  The crystal called to me so of course I decided to buy it!  The friendly shop owner told me that the stone is a carnelian.

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Dream Visitation

Laurel Hill Cemetary

When I woke up this morning, I began to record everything I could recall about this creepy dream I’d just experienced.  I focused on the fact that two of my braids had fallen out and all I had left in those spots were gooey wounds that resembled the cross-section of a tree or finger prints.  After a few moments of writing, I remembered my great-grandfather Buddy “Madaddy” Moody was also in the dream along with other paternal family members.

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Diamonds are Forever

My Wedding Set on Amethyst
My Wedding Set on Amethyst

I love my wedding set.  Mostly because of the symbolism and memories associated with that magical day.  However, I also cherish it because of the strong protective powers of diamonds.  Like all crystals, diamonds possess special properties that we can access simply by programming and activating the stone.  We are told repeatedly, especially by the media and through societal norms, that diamonds are indeed very special, but why?  I never actually wanted to own diamonds until I learned the metaphysical reasons behind why diamonds are so coveted.

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Basic Goodness

Buddha at the Butterfly Farm, Aruba

In my first Contentment in Everyday Life class, a prerequisite to The Way of Shambhala series of courses, our teacher Jude Robison spoke about “basic goodness.”  Her explanation of this phrase immediately brought up within me a flurry of ideas – hell and damnation, fire and brimstone, original sin, guilt, fear, repentance, atonement, the cloaked-in-red-pitchfork-carrying-devil…  Jude’s eternally optimistic face and oozing basic goodness snapped me back to the present.  She taught us that basic goodness is something we all share.  However, sometimes we can become disconnected from it.

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In the Driver’s Seat

Driving Towards Life

Last night while watching recordings of OWN’s popular new show, Iyanla Fix My Life, a hard truth hit me – I’m in the driver’s seat and have been for a while now.  I told myself, no more excuses.  I decided that this blog would serve as an accountability partner, a tool to help me be the woman I want to be at all times.

I will be writing about listening to Mamma Nature and following her guidance on what to cook, cultivate and cleanse.

This morning Mamma Nature told me, sit and just be.  That way it’d be easier for her to talk to me without all the distractions.  Sometimes that’s the hardest thing for me to do – just sit there without fidgeting or dreaming.  Tonight I start the Contentment in Everyday Life class at the Shambhala Meditation Center.  Let’s see how long I can sit still.  I want to hear more clearly from Mamma.

Eye-and-eye mantra: Be the woman you want to be at all times!

Photography by Ajua Hawkins.

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