Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays from Heirloom! Now that the market season has pretty much come to a close (we will do just one more market for Kwanzaa), I have a little time to reflect on the past year. I started this journey of creating Heirloom years ago now and what I envisioned has not come to pass as of yet. I thought I was going to own this super, boho chic cafe – a place where people could come together to share ideas and be themselves.

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Closed for Vacation!


This week not only are we moving into our new Tea Studio and Showroom, but after four years of living  in the quiet neigborhood of East Falls, my little family is relocating to the Cedar Park section of West Philly tomorrow.  The next day, we will be flying into the sunset for a two week vacation. Unfortunately, Heirloom will be closed until July 15.  We will resume taking orders at that time. Thank you for your patience while we get our new space up and running. Peace and blessings to all!