Mind, Body, Spirit Expo at Lincoln Financial Field

On November 3, 2012, my husband and I checked out our first Mind, Body, Spirit Expo which took place at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.  It is advertised as the largest expo of its kind (personal growth and spirituality) in the northeast.  I was excited to meet like-minded people, see weird and unusual things, and discover new products, books and information.  If you are wondering what you will encounter at such an expo, below are some highlights from our trip…

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Raw and Radiant Ruby

Ruby in Prayer Room
Ruby in Prayer Room

I was thrilled about experiencing Seattle for the first time.  While exploring the underground section of Pike Place Market, we made our way to a small crystal store called Gem Heaven.  I’d done my due diligence before we arrived and had my mind-set on visiting several metaphysical and mystical stores in and around the market.  I enjoyed perusing the unique selection at Gem Heaven.  There was plenty to choose from and ooh-and-ah over in the tiny shop.  I purchased several crystals – one of them being a little ruby.

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My Carnelian Pendant

Colorful Carnelian Crystal

I’ve always been attracted to rocks.  So when a rock store opened in downtown Beaufort when I was a teen, I spent a lot of time reaching into the cool depths of the hematite display and marveling at the liquid plasma-like exterior of these mystical stones.  As an adult, I purchased crystal guides to learn about their metaphysical qualities.  However, when I go crystal shopping, I still choose my stones by what speaks to me instead of planning ahead of time what I am going to buy.  This summer I bought a carnelian pendant from a beautiful Tibetan store in Fort Greene, Brooklyn called 21 Tara.  The crystal called to me so of course I decided to buy it!  The friendly shop owner told me that the stone is a carnelian.

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Diamonds are Forever

My Wedding Set on Amethyst
My Wedding Set on Amethyst

I love my wedding set.  Mostly because of the symbolism and memories associated with that magical day.  However, I also cherish it because of the strong protective powers of diamonds.  Like all crystals, diamonds possess special properties that we can access simply by programming and activating the stone.  We are told repeatedly, especially by the media and through societal norms, that diamonds are indeed very special, but why?  I never actually wanted to own diamonds until I learned the metaphysical reasons behind why diamonds are so coveted.

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