Physical Manifestations of Awakening

blog ascension 3.10.14Many optimistic, spiritually minded people believe that a great change is taking place across the earth.  This change is being hailed as a spiritual awakening or shift in consciousness that will eventually lead to a more peaceful and loving energy on the planet.  Individuals who undergo the ascension process will act to usher in this vibrational change.  One interesting topic that I have seen associated with this theorized awakening, is the idea of “ascension symptoms.”

Ascension symptoms are signs that one is indeed going through the ascension process.  The purpose of the ascension process is to heal from past traumas (from this life time and generationally) and to come to the realization of one’s true nature as a spiritual being.  I believe that as we lose the negative baggage of the past, old-stale-blocked energy is released causing outward physical manifestations.

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