Details, Details, Details!

Excited for the Moroccan theme of our pop-up parties. Got a great deal on the lanterns. Super excited!!
Excited for the Moroccan theme of our pop-up parties. Got a great deal on the lanterns. Super excited!!

Soooo, planning this pop-up tea party is so much freakin’ work! So many details and lists. Incredible. But I am enjoying the process immensely. I love planning everything – the colors of the walls, the light fixtures, the type of tea, the cups, the menu, the merchandise… All of it! And I am taking my time. I am not letting the clock stress me out. Instead, I am working on divine timing. I am being diligent, focused and organized in my work while going with the flow. Letting the things that I need come to me in a natural, unforced way. (Click on the heading or below to read more.)

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How Reiki Develops Intuition

Transporting my Reiki stuff to a health fair.
Transporting my Reiki stuff to a health fair.

In the summer of 2012, I sat on my floor meditating when a voice seemed to fill the silence. It simply said, very clearly, “Reiki.”  I thought, what? I had heard of Reiki but didn’t know very much about it. I made the decision to listen to the voice and promptly began researching Reiki programs in the area. I found one presenting an open house in the coming weeks and registered. Since that time, I have completed Reiki levels one and two. Besides the obvious health benefit of relaxing the body, the most important lesson that I am learning from this energy healing system, is that of becoming more in tune with intuition and listening to that small inner voice that only has your best interest at heart.

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Do it! Trust Your Intuition

blog el 2.6.14We hear this mantra all of the time – trust your intuition!  But it’s just so darn hard!  At the advent of each decision we get that gut feeling concerning what we should or should not do.  Our bodies literally tell us in what direction we should move. However, that gut reaction is quickly buried underneath an onslaught of fears, social pressures, the ”high” opinions of others, and our own false perceptions of what we think we “should” do or what we perceive is the “right” thing to do.

Now, if we spent more time recognizing that first gut reaction, and giving it the due respect that it deserves, then we’d save ourselves a lot of time, experience less aggravation and anxiety, and look much younger!  We humans are not merely a physical presence, but a magical manifestation of spirit, soul, mind, and lastly (and maybe least importantly) body.  When we ignore intuition, we tell the spirit and soul parts of ourselves that we are untrustworthy.

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How I Keep Menses Sacred


For most of my life, because my menses was never regular, and honestly because I wasn’t very aware of my body, I was unable to connect some of the turmoil occurring in my life to my unnatural menstrual cycle.  It wasn’t until my husband (at the time boyfriend) began asking all sorts of questions about the female body and its processes that I gave it any serious thought.  In fact he was the one, after watching a morning news show on menstruation, who informed me that I was indeed not “crazy” but just under the influence of hormones.  Once I began getting serious about my spiritual journey and more in tune with my body, I started to research the sacredness of this natural ritual and why I should protect myself at this very vulnerable time of the month.

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