Yay!! Heirloom Botanicals Are Here!!

blog 10.10.14
“Do not be discouraged if success seems tardy; so long as you can measure some progress you need not be dispirited. Sometimes this progress may not be shown in your business in actual figures, but if you feel that you have made progress in business knowledge and in better ways of doing things you have every cause to hope. The man who is progressive as a man, who is mentally alert and possesses staying power is bound to win in the long run. This type of man wearies success with his persistency and makes it yield to him.” – The Master Key

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Psychic Cab Driver Confessions

Riding in New York City

One night some years ago, feeling exhausted and ready for bed after a late night work function, I hailed a cab and slumped down rag-doll style into the back seat.  I asked the cabbie to drop me off at my apartment in the Murray Hill neighborhood of New York City.  The driver began to tell me about himself. His name was John Phillips and he was from an island in the Caribbean – which one I can’t recall now.  He then, to my great surprise, began to tell me about myself!

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Mind, Body, Spirit Expo at Lincoln Financial Field

On November 3, 2012, my husband and I checked out our first Mind, Body, Spirit Expo which took place at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.  It is advertised as the largest expo of its kind (personal growth and spirituality) in the northeast.  I was excited to meet like-minded people, see weird and unusual things, and discover new products, books and information.  If you are wondering what you will encounter at such an expo, below are some highlights from our trip…

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Raw and Radiant Ruby

Ruby in Prayer Room
Ruby in Prayer Room

I was thrilled about experiencing Seattle for the first time.  While exploring the underground section of Pike Place Market, we made our way to a small crystal store called Gem Heaven.  I’d done my due diligence before we arrived and had my mind-set on visiting several metaphysical and mystical stores in and around the market.  I enjoyed perusing the unique selection at Gem Heaven.  There was plenty to choose from and ooh-and-ah over in the tiny shop.  I purchased several crystals – one of them being a little ruby.

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Review: “Energetic Boundaries: How to Stay Protected and Connected in Work, Love, and Life” by Cyndi Dale

Enjoying Dale’s “Energetic Boundaries” on the back patio this summer.

“Energetic Boundaries: How to Stay Protected in Work, Love, and Life,” by Cyndi Dale, was extremely helpful in equipping me with the necessary tools to continue boldly on my spiritual path.  For as long as I can remember, I have always been very sensitive.  And at some point along the way, I recognized that most of the uncomfortable sensitivity I was feeling was actually the absorption of other people’s emotions.  This revelation was a great relief to me.  However, I didn’t have a clue as to how to protect myself from those inevitable waves of foreign emotions.  I decided to invest in Dale’s book to gain insight and ideas on how I might better deal with these situations.

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