Shawnee Village Resort

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My lovely friend Linda found a Groupon for Shawnee Village Resort and since I’m always down for a road trip, we decided to journey into the unknown. I honestly didn’t even know where the Pocono Mountains were and just vaguely recalled seeing signs on our travels up to New York. I am a true nature lover and knew that it would not disappoint. The beautiful outdoors coupled with good friends and good food was a wonderful delight!

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Who is Father Divine?

Father Divine 10.20.13

I have become very interested in a gentleman named Father Divine ever since moving to Philadelphia.ย  I wonโ€™t go into how I became so interested, but I did want to share a few facts about this fascinating figure.

  • Father Divine, a.k.a Reverend Major Jealous Divine, was the founder and leader of a metaphysical group called the International Peace Mission Movement established in 1932.

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