All The Way Live

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My husband and I were driving through Germantown in Philadelphia famished. The restaurant we wanted to try was closed, as were several others we attempted to patronize. As we drove by All The Way Live, I recalled that my beautiful friend Sunlight had been adamant that I taste their fare. We quickly found a parking spot and headed in for some amazing vegetarian food.

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Review: “Mental Flight” by Ben Okri

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While studying at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, one of my favorite fiction book assignments was The Famished Road by Ben Okri. What an absolutely magical book! Spurred by my new-found love of this amazingly imaginative author, I purchased a small book of poems written by Okri, An Anti-Spell for the 21st Century: Mental Flight. Now I must have carried this book around with me from country to country, state to state for over ten years. I finally decided to read it on a trip to D.C. Below are a few of the passages that I wanted to share from this remarkable master-piece.

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Wooden Shoe Books and Records

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I was on my way to one of my favorite bookstores when I almost passed this wonderful find and decided to stick my head in. I was immediately intrigued by the subject matter of the books on display and promptly became engrossed in browsing their selections. Wooden Shoe was established in 1976 and describes itself as an “all volunteer, collectively-run, anarchist book store.”

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Philadelphia Museum of Art: Treasures from Korea

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I had the pleasure of viewing “Treasures from Korea: Arts and Culture of the Joseon Dynasty, 1392-1910” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The Museum’s website describes the exhibit as: “the artistic achievements of the Joseon dynasty, a line of monarchs that ruled for more than five hundred years and left a substantial legacy for modern Korea. A variety of objects—including painted screens, scrolls, calligraphy, furnishings, costumes, accessories, and ritual wares—explore the roles of king and court, the distinct spheres of men and women in society, and religious beliefs. This is the first full-scale American exhibition to be devoted to art of the Joseon dynasty.”

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Review: New Release from YESConnie!

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I am so excited to listen to the newly released magical-musical creations by the very talented and consciously awakened YESConnie, High Vibes Volume 1. YESConnie describes his music as, “Wholesome Mind, Body and Spirit – HIGH VIBRATION Spiritual Rap!”  You won’t want to miss one word of the lyrics which are amazingly powerful and uplifting.  I can’t single out one track as a favorite, but I love “Raise Vibration”, “Kundalini Rise”, “Ressurection”, and my old fav, “Dark Matter”. Thanking YESConnie for another masterpiece. Sending out love and light to all!

To hear YESConnie’s latest greatest, visit his website at!

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