Thank you “Welcome to Yoniville”!

Omar listening to the Yoniville presentations while sitting next to the Heirloom vendor table.
Heirloom offered free Reiki sessions to Yoniville participants.

We just wanted to take a moment to thank all of the participants and organizers of “Welcome to Yoniville.” Heirloom was contacted to conduct a Reiki demonstration and speak on energy healing. We had no idea how much we were going to enjoy the presentations, discussions, and divine feminine energy.  Our Heirloom Bohemian Boutique products were a huge hit, offering the women a nice array of organic teas, metaphysical tools, and healing body steams and soaks. The discussions on topics from business to health were all informative and delivered from the heart. A huge thank you to Barbara Verneus for all of her hard work in coordinating this fantastic event!

Artist Janiah Bradley and Yoniville organizer Barbara Verneus have a laugh during the Professional Development portion of the program.

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Pop-Up Tea Lounge Phase 1 Renovations

FullSizeRender (38)
Our sidewalk sign insert for the pop-up created by Signs Now in Beaufort, SC.

Every moment not spent working at the tea store job and not sleeping is spent on building my business, cultivating my baby – Heirloom. Omar and I spent the last year selling at markets and joint pop-ups. Now we are focusing on building a prototype tea lounge in our home. The test pop-up event takes place in about a month and we are full speed ahead with renovations, product development, and marketing. So much to do but so rewarding when it is all for your future. I wanted to document our journey through it all. We are currently in phase 1 of the transformation and all is on track for a wonderful bohemian boutique, tea lounge experience. Excitement growing…

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Details, Details, Details!

Excited for the Moroccan theme of our pop-up parties. Got a great deal on the lanterns. Super excited!!
Excited for the Moroccan theme of our pop-up parties. Got a great deal on the lanterns. Super excited!!

Soooo, planning this pop-up tea party is so much freakin’ work! So many details and lists. Incredible. But I am enjoying the process immensely. I love planning everything – the colors of the walls, the light fixtures, the type of tea, the cups, the menu, the merchandise… All of it! And I am taking my time. I am not letting the clock stress me out. Instead, I am working on divine timing. I am being diligent, focused and organized in my work while going with the flow. Letting the things that I need come to me in a natural, unforced way. (Click on the heading or below to read more.)

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