The Brooklyn Museum: Africa

Double Bell (Egogo) from Benin, Edo State, Nigeria. Made of Ivory.
Double Bell (Egogo) (early 16th cen.) from Benin, Edo State, Nigeria. Made of Ivory.

The double gongs were used by the oba (king) during the Emobo ceremony to drive away evil spirits. The carvings on this gong, one of only 6 known to exist, depicts the oba supported by his military commander and his heir. This is one of the oldest surviving African ivory sculptures.

Figure of a Horn Blower (circa 1504-50) from Benin, Edo State, Nigeria made of copper alloy.
Figure of a Horn Blower (circa 1504-50) from Benin, Edo State, Nigeria. Made of copper alloy.

This figure most likely stood on an altar dedicated to a deceased oba. His attire indicates that he is a court official and the leopard tooth necklace was only worn by warriors. The horn that the figure once held may have been used for ceremonial purposes.

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Rita Rouge



On our first night in Barcelona, I was excited to experience the restaurant Iposa. We arrived ready to chow down! However, the restaurant was closed for the evening. Fortunately, Rita Rouge was located directly adjacent to Iposa so we dipped in to enjoy their delightful fare.

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Scenes from the Schomburg


Last week, after trekking what seemed like endless city blocks to the Studio Museum of Harlem, I arrived to find that the museum was closed. Being that this was the second time that this has happened, you would think that I would have checked their operating hours before making the trip. Feeling the frustration of not wanting to waste a day in New York, inspiration instructed that I make my way to the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. I had no idea what would be awaiting there, but decided, today I will venture into the unkown!

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East Stroudsburg Off-season Activities in the Pocono Mountains

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Visiting the Pocono Mountains off-season may seem pointless but I assure you that it is not. The Poconos are a great place to visit with your family or a group of friends during this down-time as the lodging is cheap and the environment serene. While visiting Shawnee Village Resort, I had a wonderful time enjoying nature and experiencing the local establishments. Below are a few suggestions for things to do when the ski lodges and waterfalls are closed for the season.

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De Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam



One of my favorite things to do while traveling abroad is to visit a city’s botanical garden. De Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam did not disappoint. I fell into a plant-lover’s wonderland, eyes-wide brimming with joy, excitedly taking in the majestic beauty of it all. The serene energy emanating from the luscious gardens swept me into such a peaceful state of mind. Oh, how I longed to move my things in and make De Hortus Botanicus my home!

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I was quite delighted to find that the Yelp! app worked abroad. Upon our arrival to Barcelona last week, I quickly searched for top restaurants in the area of our Airbnb apartment, located in the Gotic quarter adjacent to La Rambla. Iposa was highly recommended and we headed over to check it out. Unfortunately, it was closed for dinner that night. However, it was the perfect place to sit outside and enjoy some amazing seafood right after our hike through Park Guell.

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Shawnee Village Resort

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My lovely friend Linda found a Groupon for Shawnee Village Resort and since I’m always down for a road trip, we decided to journey into the unknown. I honestly didn’t even know where the Pocono Mountains were and just vaguely recalled seeing signs on our travels up to New York. I am a true nature lover and knew that it would not disappoint. The beautiful outdoors coupled with good friends and good food was a wonderful delight!

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