Mean What You Say and Say What You Mean: Strengthening the Throat Chakra

blog el 3 2.6.14If you have not heard about chakras and their connection to a healthy mind, body and spirit, no doubt you will soon.  As we become a more globally interactive society, the wisdom of the East increasingly permeates into our American culture.  This is indeed a good thing!

A chakra is a spinning vortex wheel of energy located at particular points throughout the body.  This article focuses on the chakra found at the throat.  It is an especially important chakra for business oriented people, entrepreneurs, and attorneys because it facilitates the ability to communicate clearly and concisely – to mean what we say and say what we mean.  Not only is balancing the throat chakra crucial for effectively connecting with our clients and colleagues, but it is also necessary for optimal physical health and peace of mind.

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Risk Averse? Practice Going Into the Unknown

blog el 2 2.6.14It’s been said that many lawyers are risk averse, that we like to play it safe.  Now I’m not sure if that means the type of person who chooses to become a lawyer is by nature risk averse, or rather if it is a trait acquired in law school or while practicing.  In any event, it is a characteristic that we at times must overcome to stand tall in who we are and follow our dreams with vision and purpose.

A book that has inspired me to live courageously is Osho’s, “Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously”.  This philosophical piece, bursting at its binding with wisdom, begins with this sentence: “Courage means going into the unknown in spite of all the fears.”  Osho further states, “[c]ourage does not mean fearlessness.”  Yes!  Courage does not mean fearlessness.  However, Osho goes on to explain that the more we are courageous, the less fear we will feel.

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Do it! Trust Your Intuition

blog el 2.6.14We hear this mantra all of the time – trust your intuition!  But it’s just so darn hard!  At the advent of each decision we get that gut feeling concerning what we should or should not do.  Our bodies literally tell us in what direction we should move. However, that gut reaction is quickly buried underneath an onslaught of fears, social pressures, the ”high” opinions of others, and our own false perceptions of what we think we “should” do or what we perceive is the “right” thing to do.

Now, if we spent more time recognizing that first gut reaction, and giving it the due respect that it deserves, then we’d save ourselves a lot of time, experience less aggravation and anxiety, and look much younger!  We humans are not merely a physical presence, but a magical manifestation of spirit, soul, mind, and lastly (and maybe least importantly) body.  When we ignore intuition, we tell the spirit and soul parts of ourselves that we are untrustworthy.

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Alert! Resuscitate Yourself First Before Assisting Others

Chill time. Yes.
Chill time. Yes.

You’re sitting on an airplane, flipping through a magazine when a voice over the intercom asks you to give your attention to the flight attendant.  She directs the audience, in the event of an emergency, to fasten the oxygen mask over one’s self first, before assisting children and others who may need help.  These are indeed words of wisdom and not just in the case of flight emergencies.

How many of us have been burnt out, running on fumes, at wit’s end… but still pushing through our never-ending to do list without a break in sight or even a thought to put it all on hold?  As a society who tends to look favorably on those who “succeed” at any cost, no matter the state of their health, family, or spiritual life, many of us forget to resuscitate ourselves first, before helping others.

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Want a Happier Life? Ask Questions!

Feeling happy!
Feeling happy!

Hey you busy person! Don’t go another moment without considering all of your selves before making that next decision. That’s right.  All of your selves!  I am referring to your Mental-Self, your Physical-Self, your Spirit-Self, and your Soul-Self.  You are all of these aspects, and each affects your daily life even if you are not aware of it!

When we take time to consider all of the different aspects of our being, we make better choices – whether they be seemingly insignificant decisions or critical life-changing ones.  These better choices lead to less worry, stress, internal anger and disappointment.  In other words, we will live happier lives.

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